Lean Six Sigma

Project Selection.

The Project Selection Tool is a 3-Step process to screen project ideas and ensure they are meaningful and manageable. This tool includes a screen for non-DMAIC projects, a Goal Statement builder and an Impact Effort Matrix to rigorously assess potential improvement projects.

Successful implementation of a Lean Six Sigma Program is significantly dependent upon effective allocation of resources and focus on the most impactful activities. Project Selection can make or break an improvement program.


This course is delivered as a workshop and guides participants through a process to assure these objectives are accomplished. Generating high impact projects consists of performing a Project Selection Process (“PSP”) to identify the company’s areas of concern; those areas where significant business problems or opportunities exist. The Opportunity Analysis is performed through two primary approaches: 1) by identifying any and all opportunities perceived by the management team and 2) by identify specific problems which are preventing the accomplishment of specific goals and objectives of the organization.


The methodology of the PSP will create a fertile and highly structured list of projects linked to strategy and projected benefits that are then organized by area and responsibility. Assisting the PSP methodology is a process for defining projects, assuring they are clearly written with all of the essential information to achieve meaningful results. The PSP is a complete methodology from project ideation to project definition, selection and ongoing management through the business improvement roadmap. Get a copy of these training materials for the Instructor and for Participants get a Hard Copy Course Manual.



Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Course


Online Instructor-Led (1 day )

Classroom (1 day) 

Online Self-paced (7 hours )


Process Management

  • The Project RoadMap

Recognised Phase

  • Opportunity Definition

  • Problematic Areas

  • Problem Statement Creation

  • Problem Statement Objectives

  • Examples - Good and Bad

  • Affinity Diagramming

  • Step-by-Step Process

  • Affinity Diagramming Outputs

Define Phase

  • Steps for Defining a Process

  • Champion Project Worksheet

  • Objective Statement Creation

  • Development of Project List

  • Link to Corporate Strategies

Launch Phase

  • Identify People Associated with Projects

  • Obtain Approvals and Launch DMAIC

  • Glossary of Lean Six Sigma Terms


  • Problem Statement

  • Opportunity Analysis Matrix - Template & Sample

  • Champion Project Worksheet - Template & Sample

  • Project List - Template & Sample

Dates & Prices

£1100 +VAT
Online Instructor-Led
1 Day
£500 +VAT
Online Self-Paced
7 Hours
£1350 +VAT
1 Day

Who is it For :

Who should attend this Lean Six Sigma Training Course?

Target Audience: Any group or individual interested in obtaining the Lean Six Sigma Project Selection skill set. Corporations interested in acquiring or enhancing intellectual property for Lean Six Sigma Implementation

What's included in this Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Course?

Our Lean Six Sigma Project Selection course comes with the following:

  • Lean Six Sigma Project Selection - Hard Copy (Training Material)

  • Experienced Instructor / Mentor 

  • Exercises  & Templates