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Welcome to

SH Management Consultancy Ltd

We help companies or organisations to solve complex issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance.

This is done by sharing and incorporating our expert knowledge, skills and abilities to support  top management strategically plan and implement strategies for the future and beyond to continually develop and lead the way for greater business success.

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Our Vision

To delight customers by delivering world-class products and services through achieving the highest levels of performance in everything you do.

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Our training is engaging, relevant and fun to achieve the outcomes our clients need. This ensures we transfer the skills you need to both maintain and enhance operational excellence

Lean Six Sigma Training

Consulting Services

Organisational Assessments

We offer a range of consulting services including various types of assessment to helping you deploy operational and strategic processes and also providing interim resource and support.

Organisation Process Health Checks and Culture Audits. We can help you see where you are right now and prioritise areas for improvement.

Change Management

Business Start-Ups

It’s never easy; our Change Management programme shows how to gain acceptance, overcome resistance and understand the importance of the "soft stuff".

Our experts will help to support new business entrepreneurs write up of a business plan, go through the marketing strategy, help them set up a method of accounting and advertising, and finally, assist them with presenting their idea to venture capitalists who are looking to invest in new exciting business opportunities.

Getting your business moving 

in the right direction